Writing production-quality code can be painful.
We'd like to understand exactly how.
Let's start with an open question...

What you do you find most frustrating when writing code for production? *

Please tell us the first thing that comes to your mind! In 140 chars.
Coming up next: please tell us if the following stories resonate with you (in your current development team).

"Reviewing code takes too long"

"It's hard to spot bugs in a sea of code"

For instance: when people push too much code in a single pull request.

"Our stack is so complex and it takes weeks to onboard new developers"

"We'd like to refactor our code, but that would just be too much work."

"Our code is so messy and unstable that we can't ship new features without breaking things"

"Our code is so clean and perfect that new people are afraid to change anything."

"We'd like to fix some coding guidelines in my team, but debating and agreeing takes too long."

"Our functions and methods are poorly named. It's hard to understand what-does-what."

"Our tests (if any) are not useful enough. They don't catch the nasty bugs that really matter."

"We don't find the time to document our code."

"A large part of our code base consists of dead legacy code."

"We're hacking too much and taking too many shortcuts. "

Almost done! We'd just like a bit of context to wrap up...

How much professional experience do you have as a developer?

What's your main focus or expertise?

Thanks, that's it!
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